5 Styling Tips for Tall Men

Once a man reaches a certain height, it becomes hard for him to find tall men’s clothes which will fit him well. There are no many varieties for tall men, and it becomes impossible for one to come up with his personal style. Most of the clothes which are made are not built for tall men but mostly for the average man. If you are tall in nature, you will need to pay handsomely for the clothes which you want. Here are styling tips which will help you when dressing up and won’t make you look awkward.

  • Double-breasted jackets

Tall men have a long upper body which will make them pull off the double-breasted jacket well. The jacket is unique and elegant, and it adds a little bulk to tall and slim men. If you are a 6`2 and you don’t own a double-breasted jacket well its high time you got yourself one.

  • Belts

Many tall men wear suspenders instead of belts, but it would not be bad if you decided to change your style and use belts. If you work in an office or if you usually go for business meetings you will be restricted to use a black belt.

If you are wearing regular clothing, you can complement the look with big decorative colored and patterned belts. Have a nice collection of different types of belts which will suit any occasion.

  • Patterned shoes

If you are in a business setting the type of shoes which you wear will be restricted. For casual shoes, you can go for patterned, and colored leather shoes. Wearing patterned and colored shoes adds interest to your wardrobe, and it also keeps the attention away from your tall body. Moreover, such type of shoes will shorten the appearance of your legs since tall men have large feet.

  • Light shirt

Tall men are better off wearing light shirts which are long sleeved. You can roll the shirt a several times if you want a three-quarter length. Wearing a light shirt will make you look composed, and it does not make you look as if you are too big for your clothes. You should avoid wearing shirts or trousers which are short sleeved because they will emphasize how long your limbs are.

There is a misconception that going to a tailor is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. At times visiting a tailor is your only hope. If your clothes are not well fitting, you will need to look for a tailor.

Look for a tailor whose prices are within your budget and one who will do justice to your clothes. Don’t be afraid to take all your clothes to the tailor if they are oversize. Ill-fitting clothes will ruin the way you look.

You can have a full wardrobe as a man from the above tips. Wear clothes which will match and complement your body size and shape. Visit the tailor if need be and get your clothes adjusted to suit your body.