The Evolution of Witch Costumes of Halloween

Witch costumes for Halloween have cast a spell on the wearers of every age for years. By default, clowns, ghosts, and scarecrows were costumes that our grandparents and parents wore on Halloween. Even the teenage witches dressed in black pointed hats went from door-to-door collecting their bounty. 

Halloween dates back to 2,000 years ago when the Celtic community celebrated their Samhain Eve [their New Year’s Day] on 1st November. According to legends, on Samhain eve the demon spirits and the fairy appear in the atmosphere, while they travel to the next world. The Celts would clad themselves in costumes to stave away the spirits and get tapped into their ancestry souls. Today, Samhain Eve is called Halloween.

In 1846, the Europeans brought Hallow’s Eve into the United States along with its witch costume. The Americans too started dressing in witch or ghost costumes and went from one door to another for money and food, which is popular as trick & treat.

In the 1900s, costumes were designed with papier-mache and fabric, at home. Women wore their normal clothes and topped it with bulky masks made at home. 

In the 1920s, people still designed their costumes and masks but the looks started to appear more polished because the trend of lavish parties started. 

In the 1930s, costumes were manufactured for the public. Mickey, Minnie, Bride of Frankenstein, skeletons, and witches were the popular costumes people dressed in for the first time. 

In the 1940s, the traditional Halloween characters like witches, devils, skeleton, and ghosts remained popular costumes even though there were other choices. Women’s costumes began to look sexier with witch and cat costumes made from skimpy black leotards got introduced. 

The 1950s experienced a rise as more television sets got introduced in homes. People were fascinated with TV characters like Zorro, Superman, Jane, Tarzan, and Davy Crockett. TV and Western films were at the echelon of popularity, which can be seen in women dressed as Indians and cowgirls. 

The 1960s saw a political and sexual upheaval, which was influenced by the costumes of Halloween. The sexy catsuit costumes and presidential masks made their way in the stores. 

In the 1970s, the pop culture dictated the trends of Halloween. The costumes included superheroes like the Wonder woman, the Bionic woman, Batwoman and Barbie. After Star Wars film was released, girls started dressing up as Princess Leia on Halloween. Popular characters like Raggedy Ann and Richard Nixon were also a part of Halloween characters to be seen on Halloween.

By the 1980s, women had plenty of options related to inspiration from Western movies, TV, pop culture, and political characters. Nevertheless, they still looked in the past for inspiration. 

In the 1990s, the woman started making their Halloween ensembles. This decade saw an increase in group costumes and their inspirations were musical groups and singers.

In the 2000s, DIY costumes gained popularity and women became creative. Celebrities also got inspired to dress as other actresses as Kelly Ripa dressed as singer Christina Aguilera. However, the traditional witch costumes for Halloween will always be in demand. 

By the time 2015 arrived, anything got worn for Halloween. You can choose a Pizza Rat or the Furry Shark or the female Donald Trump costumes from online stores like Companies have started to produce costumes in masses and you can get them with ease from online costume shops.