Must-Have Dresses this Summer

Once the weather heats up, you might be looking around for clothing that is more fashionable than the usual casual shorts and top combo, but that also delivers a degree of comfort and flexibility. However, you will also just want to feel good, and this is the reason why dresses are the ideal solution. Dresses are easy to have on, offer a womanly appearance, are colourful and airy and excellent for all situations.

For those reasons, your closet really should be home to a wide selection of summer dresses, to ensure you always have a choice of dresses you’re able to slip into for any special occasion. Continue on for fantastic recommendations on which dress variations to feature in your clothing collection to pull off that ultimate chilled summer feeling.


For taller ladies, a full length maxi is extremely complementary, especially when worn as a single striking colour. A maxi dress that falls elegantly straight down is most effective when tailored in a eye-catching, colour combination and coupled with a striking designer necklace and earrings. This design of outfit complements stilettos or flatter shoe and look wonderful when put together with ‘a sophisticated’ make up.


The midi dress is best suited to those who find themselves tall. A very fashionable way to carry this style at the moment is in the form of a solitary colourful block complimented by a flat and easy to wear shoe along with a summertime purse that ‘impresses’. This is the perfect length for Summer Dresses  and you can find a variety of styles at ax paris

The Slip

For all those shopping for a lightweight material that oozes sensualness and charm, the slip dress is an excellent solution, and is typically worn night and day. Whether you wear it with some beach sandals for a summertime day out or slide on some stilettos and trendy earrings for going out to the nightclub, the slip dress is good for either. You can also combine a slip dress with any kind of summer jacket for those moments after sunset when the temperature falls. The slip is the perfect day to night outfit.

The Lace Dress

Whilst plainer dresses might count on accessories, the lace dress does all of it on its own. Lace is definitely an elegant fabric that does not need a lot of enhancement, delivering its own elegant feeling to whatever celebration it is. Choose a short lace garment for a more casual daytime celebration, while selecting for length as well as sophistication for an evening affair. Include an eye-catching lipstick colour and high heeled shoes to finish off the look and feel.

The Short Mini

If you have been working hard on that sun-kissed look, you will want to dress yourself in a mini to reveal to the world those legs, this is exactly what the mini is perfect for. Wonderful for an night out along with your good friends, or dancing at an exclusive function, the mini dress can make you feel stunning and flirty in equal measure.

Mini dresses are the optimal choice for tiny ladies to simply help highlight their legs, making them appear longer. Having said that, tall ladies shouldn’t be disheartened, as the shorter mini dress provides the best opportunity to present those much longer legs in exquisite style. Short ladies have got a chance to combine the mini with stilettos for a little added height or flat soled gladiator type sandals for the the tallest of woman.