There are many beauty brands that claims to be the best but remember, only few turns out to be impressive.

Also, every person has their own skin type and the product may or may not suits you sometimes so that doesn’t mean that the brand is not worthy or the product is useless. Plus, patience is the key! You cannot achieve the results overnight. Every product requires time to work on your skin, hair, nails or anything you are applying on.


Miniso is a Chinese beauty and cosmetic brand established worldwide and as compared to the rest of the brands, miniso is pocket friendly. The great part about miniso is they have got the cutest covers for all of their products. Their products look beautiful and are safer to use.


As I said, miniso is a beauty and cosmetic brand. It has a variety of products from eye liners to the face masks and also face serums too, which are quite good for your skin.

Miniso in Pakistan got a variety of face masks, like sheet masks, facial masks, compressed charcoal mask, and many more. You can say that, miniso in Pakistan is a complete store where you can find everything.


Face serums are products that are specifically designed to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients to the skin. There are many brands that have launched their serums, and as you know, they are really expensive as compared to miniso. Miniso have their own face serum range which include the most famous, ‘green tea-face serum’, whitening face serum, jojoba-oil face serum, vitamin C face serum and many more.
All of the above is good for your skin and so their serum is a Holy Grail product to go to.

But, as I said, it is not necessary that every product would work on your skin so you should do a patch test on your hand’s skin to avoid further problems.

Miniso beauty products definitely have great options in affordable price range. They also have the best eye lash curlers and makeup removing pads which works really well. Their products are cruelty free and safe to use and that’s the reason they are running their brands all over the World. That’s it for today!

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